Rules for safe online shopping

You should only shop in well-known e-shops! This is a rule you should follow at all times. Don't be tempted by the low price, watch out for shops that require payment in advance. If the store does not have published company and contact information, you better not even stay on its website. This will prevent possible problems with the delivery of goods or their quality.

Don't forget the reviews

Reviews about the quality of the seller's products, speed of delivery and satisfaction with the purchase from real customers significantly increase the credibility of the website and can be a clear signal that it is a verified and trustworthy business. The shopping consultancy on the domain of the same name not only advises which stores are authorized and verified, but also evaluates, recommends and selects and helps with the selection of the best products.

If you are not sure whether the goods are real in stock and the store delivers them on time, you can call the phone number and ask about the availability of goods. As this is a trustworthy deal, it is not a problem to call the customer line or otherwise contact the seller. You can order with a discount thanks to the discount coupons for purchases that are on You can also save tens of euros with the goods of your favorite shops.

At the mentioned website, this is the Czech version of the well-known Slovak portal with discounts

Secure website thanks to SSL certificate

Last but not least, a trusted store should now have a valid SSL certificate on its website. An SSL certificate is proof of the security of a website, more specifically the secure transmission of data and personal information, between a computer and a server with a website. This certificate will ensure data communication between the e-shop and visitors. If the identifiable operator is unambiguous, then it is a trusted site.

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